Trendii Pixel

The Trendii Pixel helps brands see the end-to-end journey and value of Trendii customers.

Trendii’s bespoke pixel is embedded on your webpage via our web SDK. Also known as a “tag”.

Connects the end-to-end funnel from point of inspiration (on a publisher site) to conversion;

Helps track user actions (e.g Product Viewed, Add To Cart, Checkout) on your websites and measures impact (from any clicks on our ad unit to your products); and

Helps us learn how we can improve our product to drive more conversions for you & your brands.

In terms of privacy, we use a click ID which is uniquely generated for each click and doesn't contain any user information to identify traffic that originated from a Trendii ad.

The Trendii Pixel allows brands to see valuable data insights and performance metrics including website engagement, add to carts, sales, and return traffic, all driven by Trendii contextual discovery and commerce media placements.