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New revenue from your image and video content.

Privacy friendly ads that that actually add to the audience experience.

Boost revenue

Trendii creates new revenue for content platforms, by helping them monetise the image and video content they publish.

Scale your

Trendii’s proprietary AI technology, transforms content into shoppable marketplaces, instantly creating new opportunity at scale with zero manual effort.

Elevate the experience

Where traditional advertising can disrupt the audience experience, Trendii enhances it with instantly shoppable media, perfectly matched to the content.

For content platforms, contextual commerce means creating new revenue streams by monetising their image and video content, while improving their audience experience and engagement.

The value for content platforms

Our Ad Formats

Below Image Carousel

A shoppable carousel that appears below image content.

Shop the look

A button displayed on image content.

When clicked, it opens a shoppable lightbox with a larger range of products.


A button displayed on video content.

When clicked, it pauses the video and opens a shoppable lightbox of the products from the paused screen.

Our audience network